Exemplar EULA


THIS ADDENDUM to the numbered end-user license agreement (“EULA”) referenced above (the “License”) is deemed effective as of the date referenced above (the “Addendum Effective Date”), on condition that an authorized representative of the Licensee has completed the online check-out, including clicking agreement to the Addendum terms.

    1. Sections 1(a) through (c), 1(e), 1(g) and 3(a) of the License are hereby modified to additionally permit you to provide the Font Software to non-employees supplying services or materials that are elements of the services and products for which you use the Font Software (“Suppliers”), provided that at any point in time the following cannot exceed the maximum number of CPUs stated above on which the Suppliers, combined, install the Font Software. By way of example, the term “Supplier” includes a subcontractor whom you hire to prepare text or designs for your use in the Font Software. (The use of the Font Software by 2D printers is governed by section 1(h) of the License, not by this section A.)
    2. Section 3(a) is hereby modified to additionally require you to keep a current log that identifies, with start and end dates, the Suppliers (and, if this Addendum is subject to a CPU limitation, the number of CPUs). For the avoidance of doubt, requests for information by Darden Studio pursuant to section 3(a) may include the log and/or otherwise relate to uses by Suppliers.
    3. You are responsible to ensure that all Suppliers to whom you provide the Font Software abide by the License and this Addendum and that the Font Software is removed from each Supplier’s CPUs and back-up technology upon termination of the Supplier’s authorized use. Without limiting the foregoing, Suppliers may use the Font Software only in connection with services and materials being supplied to you and not for any other purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a distribution addendum?

A Distribution Addendum is a good option for companies who have a changing list of outside vendors. It permits a licensee to share the font files with outside individuals and organizations without separate licensing. If you have a few vendors you work with all the time, who you plan to stick with long term, it will be more cost effective to buy them their own license.

How do I request a distribution addendum?

Please contact us via our contact form to arrange your addendum.


Pricing for distribution addenda is four times that of the same number of styles and CPUs for a basic license. For the exact cost of any distribution addendum for up to 250 CPUs please go to the buying area of the font you are interested in and multiply the price given by four. For licenses of greater than 250 CPUs please contact us.