Notes on the Type

Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria

If there is a single most romantic restaurant in New York, it may be Il Buco on Bond Street. The food is both novel and traditional, and probably sufficient in itself to encourage a blind fury of marriage proposals, but the muted Mediterranean theatrics of the decor and well-rounded waitstaff make it an ideal environment in which to linger over such a meal. The 200-year old wine cellar with its own Edgar Allan Poe story is almost an afterthought. Almost.

How to exceed such mastery? Another venture in a different style, one block away: wine bar, bakery, salumeria, and restaurant. The waitstaff are equally composed, with a sunny open layout and well-edited decor that's all chic, no shabby. The tastiest item on the menu, designed by Mucca? Dapifer, of course!