Notes on the Type

Is it Spring yet?

By which I mean to say: boy oh boy, is it still winter. Nearly eight years in New York, and I’m still amazed at how cold and dark it can get just before spring.

That was a rather long moment, so this is a brief catch-up post with some of the high points. We had an extremely busy autumn.

Rather than make a joke about kittens testing well with art directors (too late?), I’ll introduce the newest, littlest members of our team: Gretchen & Igor, who come to us from a fantastic animal rescue in Ozone Park, Queens.

The fall semester hit like a tidal wave — three classes at Parsons and a substitute gig at SVA. About halfway through the semester, we took nearly-concurrent field trips to Green-Wood Cemetery.

In Prospect Park, Joyce and Rob tied the knot in the presence of their mothers; Joyce’s orchids went home to Williamsburg; the cacti got new pots at Christmas. The radiators came on, heralded by the unmistakable smell of missing artwork proofs.

Eben Sorkin stopped by on his way from Anchorage to Reading. Eben Keun and his colleagues came to town for an AIGA conference; I missed them, but Nick treated them to what I’m told was a nice cup of coffee at the new restaurant on the corner.

Parsnip would like everyone to know that she was a blue elephant for Halloween.

I’m teaching two classes at Parsons this semester, and we’re in the middle of several super-fun projects. More (more frequent, more typographic) updates, soon.