Upgrades and Expansions

What if I need to expand (or upgrade) a license?

Using our contact form, let us know your license number and the manner in which you wish to change the license. Because our pricing model incorporates bulk discounts immediately you will save money by paying the difference between your existing license and the new one (as opposed to simply purchasing a second license).

How is an upgrade different from an expansion?

For Darden Studio purposes, the term “upgrade” applies only to a changing to a “Pro” version of a font. For instance, if you purchased Omnes before Omnes Pro became available you can upgrade to Omnes Pro. When we talk about “expanding” a license we mean increasing the number of CPUs that the font my be installed on.

Discounts and Exemptions

How does your pricing work? Can I get a bulk discount?

Yes! Our pricing model is designed to give you a bulk discount after the second CPU licensed per location, or the second style purchased. This means that the price per unit is immediately reduced. The more you buy the more the price per unit goes down.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes.  All people with valid IDs from accredited educational institutions are eligible for a 50% discount on any purchase made with a Darden Studio issued discount code. To apply for a discount code, fill out the application on our contact form and be ready to provide a copy of your valid ID.  Please be aware that we do not issue retroactive discounts.

Do you offer discounts to charities?

Yes, we offer a 50% discount to qualifying charities. Please use our contact form to notify us of your interest and we will determine whether you qualify.

I'm tax exempt and in New York State, how do I arrange to pay for my license without paying tax?

Please do not make your purchase on our website. If you contact us directly we can arrange to manually process your order.


My company has more than one location. Do I need to license each separately?

No, but we ask that you inform us of the multiple locations so that we can keep accurate records.

Can I purchase just a few styles or one style?

Yes. You can use our shopping cart interface on this website to license individual styles for up to 25 users. For orders larger than 25 users, send us a message using our contact form or give us a call.

What if I want to license more than 25 CPUs?

To protect your security we take all orders over 25 CPUs manually. Please use our contact form so that we can help you complete your order.

I want to use your font on my website. Is that allowed?

Our standard EULA permits the use of our fonts on websites only when displayed as static images.  If you wish to use live webfonts you can may either use the services of our third party web hosting partner TypeKit without securing additional permission from us or you may obtain permission from us to self host the fonts. We offer two addenda that grant permission to self host the fonts (single year or perpetual).  For purposes of the addendum the owner of the named url must be the holder of the amended standard license.  Pricing is available for either regional use (per top level domain) or international use (per second level domain label); all pricing includes sub domains and sub directories of the named url.   You may obtain permission to host either all standardly licensed styles or make a smaller selection of the licensed styles.   If you would like to self host our fonts on your website please request a quote using our contact form.  We will determine the fee after an evaluation of the website in reference to our standard tiered pricing model.

Modifications and Custom Work

What if I need to buy a copy of a custom modified or custom font?

If you are working for a company that has commissioned a modified version of our font or a complete custom font they may ask you to purchase a copy. You may do so by emailing us using the contact form. Please be aware that you will need to prove your relationship to the commissioner of the font before we will be able to transmit the file.

What if I need a font in a format that is not sold on the site?

Please write us using the contact form. Do not purchase the font on line, we will take care of that manually. In most cases we will be able to provide you with an alternately formatted font within a few business days.


I'm interested in a testing license. How do I arrange it?

We offer testing licenses to magazines and other publications who wish to spec out our fonts prior to purchase. To arrange one please use our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

Can I intern with you?

Unfortunately, at this time Darden Studio is not taking on any new interns. Thank you for your interest!

I'm a graphic designer and I want to purchase a font on behalf of my client. May I do so on your website?

Yes. Please make sure that you enter your information into the payee section and your client’s information into the licensee section.

What's the font that you use for the titles of font names?

Why, that’s Zydeco, which has not yet been released. If you would like to buy it when it’s available please join our mailing list.

How do I license Freight?

All licensing of Freight must go through Ralph Smith at Phil’s fonts. His contact information follows: Ralph Smith 1-800-424-2977 Phil’s Fonts, Inc. P.O. Box 247 Sandy Spring, MD 20860 www.philsfonts.com / www.garagefonts.com info@philsfonts.com