The Darden Studio produces and publishes the typeface designs of Joshua Darden and his collaborators. Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, we create new typefaces and lettering for publications, institutions, corporate brands and private clients. Working closely with our clients, we pursue typography that is the result of earnest inquiry, appropriate for current editorial standards and technology, and rooted in the values and practices of five centuries of typefounding.

How we approach our work

In an increasingly global marketplace, a distinct typographic voice is more important than ever. Through typeface design and consulting, we work to build the kind of magazines & newspapers we want to read, and the kind of advertising we want to see on the street — memorable, appealing, accessible, and typographically excellent. More than just a pretty typeface, proprietary typography underscores the narrative of a brand. With each new commission, we intend to develop a long-term solution: good typography should withstand the whims of fashion and embody a clear, unique brand message far into the future. New projects in our office begin with a solid foundation: thorough evaluation of any current solution, market & competitor research, and plenty of listening. Our consulting services, always provided gratis during a custom project, include research & analysis, troubleshooting, and frank advice. To begin a conversation, please get in touch with us and tell us what you’d like your type to say about you.

A ‘holistic’ studio

Design is an extension of the human experience — typeface design acutely so, because it’s present in nearly every aspect of our daily communication. Because we approach typeface design as a middle place between technology, language and aesthetics, we pursue our work alongside other activities which expose us to more of the world: drawing, painting, metalworking, gardening, stonecutting, music-making, reading and writing are as important to our office culture as evaluating artwork and writing code.

Members of the studio:

  • Joshua Darden, Chief Designer

    Born and raised in suburban Los Angeles, Joshua Darden published his first typeface at the age of 15. He spent the next decade assisting in the development and production of typefaces for a broad range of commercial and cultural institutions. Since establishing his Brooklyn-based studio in 2004, he has collaborated with clients in dozens of markets to invent rich, communicative typography. Joshua has developed custom typefaces for Latin-based, Cyrillic, and Greek alphabets. He has lectured at the University of California Santa Barbara, has sat on panels at the TypeCon and South by Southwest Interactive conferences, juried the Type Directors Club Type Design Competition, and visited the Rhode Island School of Design as a Guest Critic. In addition to guiding the creative work of the studio, Joshua has taught at Parsons School of Design and School of Visual Arts. He is an avid amateur photographer, commuter by bicycle, and tireless collector, accumulating and cataloging books, small objects, and awesomely bad pop music.

  • Joyce Ketterer, Chief Operating Officer

    Joyce Ketterer moved to New York after college to join the PR team of Judy Collins’s private record label. This was, alas, in 2000, and when the dot-com bubble burst shortly thereafter, there followed stints as a temp, a crisis counselor, a nanny, an egg donor, and a failed obligatory attempt at bartending. She ultimately found her niche as the world’s finest dyslexic bookkeeper, and joined our team in February 2008 after an exhaustive search for the most qualified Pushy Jewish Chick.

  • Robert Lovely, Special Projects

    Robert Lovely won his fourth grade kite-building contest. You may already know Rob as a syndicated and New Yorker cartoonist, a painter of nudes, and an art show curator.

  • Scott Kellum, Special Projects

    Scott is a quick brown fox who jumps over lazy dogs. He also thinks sympathizing would fix Quaker objectives and takes part in other such pangrams. Scott is a refugee of the Washington D.C. suburbs seeking a more meaningful life in the big city: making cool type things and designing pretty, well thought out stuff. (Ed.—He’s a bleeping type nerd.) You can also pack his box with five dozen liquor jugs at his eponymous website.

  • Lucas Sharp, Draftsman

    San Francisco native Lucas Sharp is a graduate of the Communication Design program @ Parsons, where he worked diligently on projects that most of the faculty did their best to ignore. He has a passion for cultivating curvilinear forms with ink, pixels, and in the garden. He rejects the role of the graphic designer as an arranger of other peoples elements which is why his recent passion for typeface design has come to play a prominent role in his creative output. He enjoys peeling rubbery paint off walls and pointing out hilarious things.

  • Barnaby, Master Studio Cat

    Barnaby is a founding member of the studio, having held positions as paper shredder, speed bump, and heat sink. He is a senior but non-voting member of the board.