Corundum™ TextCorundum™ Text

Corundum Text’s twelve alphabetic styles are complemented by 50 pictographic symbols from Fournier’s Manuel Typographique, including lunar, planetary, zodiac, and indication symbols (fists, arrows, &c.)

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Corundum™ Text includes alternate forms of C, G, and S.

Corundum™ Text includes the archaic “long s”. Corundum Text Italic includes three forms of lowercase z: standard, short, and long.

Alternate forms of figure one and figure seven are provided in Corundum™ Text Italic for parity with Corundum™ Text Roman.

Corundum™ Text Roman includes an alternate flat-seriffed ampersand. Corundum™ Text Italic includes two alternate ampersands.

The small capitals fonts include special versions of the ampersand.

Corundum™ Text includes 32 ligatures for each Roman and Italic, comprising t, f, ff, long s, and double long s pairings.

Corundum™ Text’s small capitals fonts include special versions of the parentheses, brackets and braces.

Corundum™ Text Pi includes more than 100 marks, arrows, and symbols, as follows. For a full character map of Corundum™ Text Pi, please see the Corundum™ Text PDF specimen.

Algebraic Marks

Geometric Marks

Phases of the Moon

Planets (including those discovered after the 18th century)

Almanac Signs


Signs of the Zodiac